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Long Beach, CA



Vlog: Christmas Weekend in Amsterdam & Brussels

Here are some highlights from a truly amazing Christmas weekend in Amsterdam and Brussels. I think Amsterdam is now my favorite city in Europe. The canals, the architecture, the hip(ster) vibe…what’s not to love???

P.s. – If you haven’t had an authentic Belgian waffle yet, trust me when I say it will change your life.

Quote of the Week #25


It constantly amazes me how, when I’m fully engaged with even the smallest task, everything seems to go more smoothly. That’s not to say that being present allows me to succeed at everything I do. I still have to push through blocks and make tons of mistakes. But when approached from a place of presence, none of those things are inherently negative. They are simply part of the process of living and learning.

Quote of the Week #23


When working towards goals, both internal and external, I tend to get so focused on the result that I start basing my happiness solely on whether or not I achieve it. This may work out for me with smaller goals, but it is an exhausting mindset to have when it comes to long-term ones. I frequently have to take a step back and remind myself that focusing solely on results can only lead to frustration.

By shifting my focus to the “journey” of working towards a goal, the inevitable setbacks aren’t nearly as detrimental to my happiness. After all, a journey wouldn’t truly be a journey without a few ups and downs along the way.


Quote of the Week #20

Photo taken in Amorebieta, Spain (País Vasco)
Photo taken in Amorebieta, Spain (País Vasco)

Like most people, I have a tendency to take life really freaking seriously. This usually leads to a lot of stress over truly unimportant stuff. It may seem harsh, but thinking about the shortness of life has become one of my favorite ways to lighten up. Life is so short, the only logical thing to do is to enjoy as much of it as possible.