Vlog: Document Your Life – October 2016

Last December I met a girl who was passionate about photographing and filming the events in her daily life. Everywhere we went, whether it was a trip to a new city or just  out for a coffee, she always had her camera with her. Sometimes she even had two cameras plus her phone. (I should note that she’s an awesome vlogger on Youtube so the multiple cameras aren’t actually excessive.)

To be honest, I didn’t really understand it at first. I always enjoyed photography, but even as a tourist, I usually kept my picture taking to a minimum. The thought of filming anything never even crossed my mind before meeting her. But the more time I spent with her, the more I started to get it. Fast-forward almost a year and it seems her passion has rubbed off on me. And in the little over a month since I bought my own camera and started filming regularly, I’ve absolutely fallen in love with it.

I’m really excited that I found a new way of not only recording my journeys but also  creatively expressing myself. While I still enjoy writing, I can definitely see a lot more videos in my future. So on that note, here’s a video I made documenting the month of October.