An Afternoon at the Beach Pt.2


Night Photography at the Beach

Last night I grabbed my camera and tripod and drove down to the beach to take my first crack at night photography. I stayed there for about an hour, though most of that time was spent trying to figure out the right manual settings for night photography on my camera. That meant experimenting with different shutter speeds, aperture sizes, and iso levels. Most of my photos ended up either out of focus or underexposed, but I managed to snap a few that I really like. Overall, it was a great learning experience!

Note: All of these photos were edited in Lightroom.

Long Beach, CA

Random Musings


Few things bring me a greater sense of peace than going to the beach at night. The constant lullaby of crashing waves. The way the light from distant cities colors the water. The feeling of smallness that comes from looking out into the pitch black ocean. It never loses its charm.

As I get ready to move to Sevilla, a city more than an hour away from the coast, I have to pause and consider just how lucky I’ve been to live so close to the beach my whole life. Whether I was growing up in Long Beach, or spending the last year in San Sebastian, that constant source of peace was never more than a short drive away.

So I’m writing here to express my gratitude; for the countless nights spent gazing at the ocean, and the knowledge that more await me when I get back.