About Me


Hola! I’m Myles, the slightly crazy writer behind this blog. In the past three years I’ve “experimented” with quite a few different ways of looking at the world. I’ve been bitter and angry about everything, caught up by beauty, completely focused on inner peace, and most recently, obsessed with self-improvement.

While I would never advise anyone else to be so inconsistent with their state of mind, my mental experimentation has helped me get to the core of what I really desire: a life filled with beauty, romance, passion, and adventure. I want to live an inspired life, and nothing inspires the soul quite like beauty. I hope to fill these virtual pages with a record of my attempt to create that life and hopefully inspire an appetite for beauty in others as well.

Now down to the nitty-gritty. What kinds of posts might you see on this blog? My mind is pretty scattered, so it will most likely be a healthy mix of:

  • My random musings on beauty, passion, and adventure
  • Travel posts/pictures (I’m a Californian currently teaching English in Spain)
  • My own insights into things like self-improvement and living a truly amazing life
  • Pretty much anything else that inspires me

Hope you enjoy the read!